Bankruptcy auction of Tero Svejs and Toolsproffen as well as profits from Aalborg municipality. 9370 Hold, Neck.
KJ Auktion 738

Auction ends:

Strandvejen 163, 9370 Hou / Hals

Monday d. 30-03-2020 kl. 09:00 til 16:00

Wednesday d. 08-04-2020 kl. 09:00 til 16:00

If you have any questions, please contact an auction responsible
Christian Meyer

E-mail c[email protected] Tlf: 24906212

Welcome to the Bankruptcy auction on Strandvejen in Hou Hals.

At this auction we have many exciting lots such as

Komatsu Gastruck, Mazak Lathe, Closed trailer, Truck, Box car, Kuhn Cutter and a large selection of unused tools and test kits from the bankruptcy estate following the Tool Pro,

Machine tools, Migatronic and AGA welders, Welding masks, Pillar drills and much more from Bankruptcy estate after Tero Svejs.

If you also want your machinery, car, furniture or goods for sale, you are welcome to give us a call and have a non-binding talk about selling at kjauktion.d

6 highlighed lots of 400 lots in total.

See complete lot catalogue