Huge bankruptcy auction / sale of Hjallerup Maskinforretning.
KJ Auktion 762

Auction ends:

Navervej 1, 9320 Hjallerup

Friday d. 26-06-2020 kl. 09:00 til 17:00
Saturday d. 27-06-2020 kl. 09:00 til 17:00
There will be open house sales on the overhaul day where there will be - 30% off all items in the store.

Thursday d. 02-07-2020 kl. 09:00 til 16:00
Friday d. 03-07-2020 kl. 09:00 til 15:00

If you have any questions, please contact an auction responsible
Karsten Madsen

E-mail [email protected] Tlf: 20 72 28 89

KJ Auktion holds huge bankruptcy auction / sale of Hjallerup Maskinforretning

Negotiated sales will be available at this auction, which means we can agree on a price, the asset in question will be auctioned off and sold.

It is the largest auction of agricultural machinery in Denmark in recent times.

There will be inspections on 12-06-2020 and on 13-06-2020 + on 26-06-2020 and 27-06-2020

During the inspection, there will be open shop in Hjallerup where we give minus 30% on all goods in the store.

Address is Navervej 1, 9320 Hjallerup

6 highlighed lots of 248 lots in total.

See complete lot catalogue