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Wednesday d. 24-06-2020 kl. 10:00 til 14:00

Wednesday d. 01-07-2020 kl. 09:00 til 16:00

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Jens Nielsen

E-mail [email protected] Tlf: 51648811

We are auctioning the last Ammunition factory in Denmark.

The ammunition arsenal in Elling was built in 1954, and was the ammunition arsenal at Jyske Granatværk.

In 1971, all production machines for the production of small arms were moved from Christiania to Elling.

In 2008, the Armed Forces sold the Ammunition Arsenal to MAXAM / EXPAL, a Spanish company producing ammunition and equipment for Armed Forces in and outside Europe.

The company can be traced 344 years back.

We are therefore excited to auction off Denmark's "perhaps" oldest production company.

Dismantling is at the buyer's responsibility

6 highlighed lots of 588 lots in total.

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